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Using Gratitude in our Classrooms to Build a Positive Environment

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Submitted by: David Mark

Cultural Considerations

In a more right wing, Bais Yakov type school, there is less availability to technology and its use in the classroom or in the students home. To create a different opportunity, achieving the same results a teacher can create a bulletin board tilted "3 Blessings a Day, The Board That's Never Boring." Students can post sticky notes, writing down three things a day that they are grateful for on the sticky note and post it to the board for 28 consecutive days.

School Name(s)

DRS Yeshiva High School

Innovation Type

Homework assignment

Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)



Here is a link to the action steps required to bring this idea to fruition. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. Any teacher can email me at for ongoing support if needed.


In order to execute this idea in the manner which I proposed one will need a gmail account, or a twitter account. This type of media can be accessed with a smartphone, chrome book, iPad, laptop, etc.


Students will develop emotional, affective, and behavioral skills by practicing gratitude, resulting in the formation of neural networks that increase subjective well-being. Students will use google docs to write letters of gratitude to someone they appreciate or tweet three things a day for which they are grateful for 28 consecutive days. These exercises change students’ brain chemistry, releasing chemicals in their brains that will increase their level of happiness.

Subject/Grade Level

Grades 6-12. All Judaic studies, as gratitude is the very essence of being a Jew. Secular studies would include; Language Arts and Literature, Science, History, and Psychology.

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