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Interactive Bulletin Board

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Submitted by: Elana Jacobs

Cultural Considerations


School Name(s)

Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, West Hempstead

Innovation Type

Class discussion

Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)

Dafna Berman


Teach the concepts of Believing in oneself as well as respecting others and believing in the abilities of others. Create bulletin board with mishna from pirkei avot with pix of the students in a circle. Provide supplies: ribbon, tape, sticky notes to use.


Ribbon, tape, sticky notes. Hebrew lettering


We taught our girls about believing in themselves and believing in others. We encourage the girls to reach out to others through small acts of chessed. We have created an interactive bulletin board based on the Mishna in Avot, Im ein ani li, mi li. The girls pictures are displayed in a circle. When a girl does an act of chessed, the recipient takes a Ribbon and connects her picture to the chessed-doer creating a literal web of connectivity. She writes the kindness on a sticky note on the ribbon.

Subject/Grade Level

4th-5th grade

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