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Va'Ani Tefilati project

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Submitted by: Elisheva Kaminetsky

Cultural Considerations

This project could be adapted to all Jewish educational environments: day schools, supplementary education, informal education or camps. Students and adults have all benefited from this project.

School Name(s)

Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls

Innovation Type


Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)

Jordana Beinenfeld


Students and teachers are encouraged to select a tefilah that resonates with them and to explain why in a 3-4 sentences via a Google form.Their reflection and picture are displayed together on our Vani Tefilati website, a virtual library. As the students begin davening, one entry is displayed on a screen. The inspirational words are read aloud and the students have the opportunity to contemplate them throughout davening. Students can access the library when they daven on their own at home.


Personal reflections compiled from our faculty and students, google form, website, screen, projector, computer


Creating an inspiring atmosphere for tefilah can be a great challenge. It goes beyond translating the words. An atmosphere that helps us focus on our relationship with Hashem needs to be created and the words of the tefilot need to feel relevant. It is important to feel that you are not alone in searching for meaningful tefilah but you are part of a community of people, adults and students alike, who struggle with tefilah but are committed to trying to make davening an inspiring experience.

Subject/Grade Level

Tefillah /

Comments (1)

David Mark said:

Posted 2 years 32 weeks ago

This idea is Fabulous and can keep growing and continues to give every time it is read

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