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Student-Based Projects

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Submitted by: Nissim Gindi

Cultural Considerations


School Name(s)

Magen David Yeshivah Elementary School

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After finishing the unit in any subject, the teacher splits the class into a few groups. Each group then chooses from a list of projects given by the teacher. The teacher then gives instructions to each group on how to complete their work. The students are given a rubric of how they will be graded - usually on content, presentation, and creativity.


-- The students will need --
Video projects - a video camera with video editing software (Ex - IPad with IMovie app)
Audio recorder for audio projects
-- The teacher will need --
Computer in the classroom with a smartboard or video projector.
We've had many different ideas done in the classroom, so based on their project we try to provide the students with any resources they need.


The teacher teaches - the students create!
The students choose any project they enjoy. We give the students ideas, however the students many times come up with their own ideas how they would like to present the material learned (ex - creating a video, a board game, acting like a salesman of a model of the Bet Hamikdash that they built,composing songs etc.) This method brings energy to the classroom, fosters teamwork & brings out the potential and talents that lie within each and every student.

Subject/Grade Level

7th and 8th Grade

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