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3D Organ model

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Submitted by: Aaron Kogut

Cultural Considerations

This can be a project done in school or various component can be done at home. Students should be encouraged to work on this independently if they are working on it at home. Students latent artistic abilities should be factored in to the project and the final project should be evaluated based on comprehension of the material and strcuture of the organ as well as effort, rather than the artistic quality.

School Name(s)

Ben Porat Yosef

Innovation Type


Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)



1. Students must first be presented with the research component of the project
2. Teacher must review research with student and ensure understanding of the system
3. Students submit a written assignment about their selected human body system
4. Students select a medium to work in to be discussed with their teacher
5. Students are then prompted to build a model of the organ


Books/ websites on different systems of the human body.
Material to build the organ ( clay, play doh, cardboard, papier mache etc)


Students were given a research project on a human body system that we had not yet learned in class. After doing a research assignment, students built a 3D model of an organ from their chosen system out of any material. This was motivated by a desire to allow students who are more artistic and less science oriented to shine and build confidence in their abilities in science class. This also allowed us to have models of various organs, which are prohibitively expensive.

Subject/Grade Level

6-8th grade science

Comments (1)

Miriam Rosenbaum said:

Posted 2 years 28 weeks ago

Awesome idea!!!

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