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Tactile Talmud

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Submitted by: Sarah Zollman

Cultural Considerations


School Name(s)

Carmel Academy

Innovation Type

Teaching methodology

Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)



A page of text can be enlarged using, taped together and laminated. It can then be attached to a wall and written on and erased with dry erase markers.

Words of a digital text from can be cut into smaller segments, glued onto construction paper, laminated and cut out. The colored paper and shapes can be aligned with Gemara Berura curriculum, or other relevant structural methodology for learning texts.


A computer with access to the internet, printer, scissors, tape, and a laminating machine are required to complete the large page of text.

Paper, construction paper, scissors, and a laminating machine are required to complete the movable pieces of text.


Tactile Talmud is a way for students to physically interact with the text they are learning. A student-sized page can be laminated, written on and erased with dry-erase marker. It can used for students to present their learning to the class or teach new material. A larger section of text can be divided up into smaller pieces and glued onto colorful paper. Students can use these pieces of text to move them around to understand the structure of the text - either working individually or in groups.

Subject/Grade Level

Middle School Rabbinics -- Talmud/Gemara (Can be modified for Chumash/Tanakh classes)

Comments (2)

hannah m said:

Posted 2 years 28 weeks ago

great idea
everyone vote for this

Jadyn Daniel said:

Posted 2 years 28 weeks ago

I really like this idea

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