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Color-Coded Materials for Young Students

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Submitted by: Aliza Riemenschneider

Cultural Considerations

Designed for a Montessori school, but can be used in any classroom environment where independent work time or play time is provided to students.

School Name(s)

Luria Academy of Brooklyn

Innovation Type

Teaching methodology

Full Name(s) of Collaborator(s) (If Applicable)



Teacher presents intro lesson, showing the use and context of cards. Teacher makes material available to students. Students take material out to use independently, self-checking, self-correcting, finally working with a teacher to demonstrate proficiency with corresponding information/skill. Teacher can work with individuals or small groups to check for understanding, using material. For example, teacher holds up picture cards and asks: “What does this picture have to do with this week’s parsha?"


The children have physical access to the color-coded materials in the classroom and are given the space and time in which to work with them.
Materials are teacher-made, according to each classroom's intended curriculum.
Helpful supplies: white and colored cardstocks, double-stick tape, laminator, trays or containers for card sets.


Color-coding allows children to independently use materials that teach the parsha/a pasuk/other Judaic skill or concept. Even early, emergent readers can work independently, matching colors to achieve the correct order of the story of the parsha, or sorting the symbols for Hebrew vowels and their corresponding sounds, among other skills and concepts. The methodology can be applied in all Judaic subjects and beyond.

Subject/Grade Level

Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st-2nd Grade

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